Nick Costa


After becoming disillusioned with the inability of religion to answer relatively simple questions regarding God and Salvation, I lived my entire teenage life never giving a thought to spiritual issues. I rebelled against all authority and ended up in bondage to sin.

Because of my deviant behavior, A Christian co-worker once told me that I "had the devil in me" which did not bother me in the least as at that time I was playing guitar in a successful heavy metal band not realizing I was on my own "Highway to Hell". After being pummeled in the basement of a bar for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, I found myself at my co-worker's church, black and blue, hair past my shoulders and wearing sunglasses to cover my bruises. After the message, members of the church gave me a Bible and a cassette tape of the message on Ezekiel 38 and 39.

I went to work the next day remodeling a drug re-hab center in New Jersey [which I should have been a patient of rather than a worker at], and decided to listen to the tape of the message instead of Rush 2112. While listening to the message I felt the presence of Jesus; i.e. peace, holiness, etc...everything I was not.

Soon after, while in a music store trying out a new Stratocaster with my drummer, I said for reasons I did not know at the time, "I'm tired of playing this evil music". A man interrupted and handed me a card for a recording studio he said he owned. It was named King David Studio and he asked me if I wanted to record. He wrote on the back of the card "Read Amos 5:23".

Later I called and the number was disconnected. We went out in search of the "studio" which we later found did not exist. We ended up on a dead-end street which would turn out to be my last "dead end street". We knocked on the door of the church to ask directions. The Pastor answered and said that he never heard of the studio, and then he asked if we knew Jesus Christ and proceeded to give us the Gospel; i.e. the free gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ. We both accepted the Lord on the spot!

What Jesus Means to me: Jesus is the Truth. I am nothing without Truth therefore Jesus is everything to me; my Life, my Light and my Love.

What Calvary Chapel of Yelm means to me: Simply the greatest group of people gathered in one place at one time.

My Ministry: Pastor and Teacher of the Word of God...Line by Line...verse by verse... and Chapter by Chapter...forever.

Eldon Miller

Although I was raised Methodist and tried Catholicism, my head knowledge was not a personal relationship with the Lord. After marrying my wife Cookie, I gave my heart to the Lord. Jesus delivered me from immorality and alcohol. That was forty-four years ago. Since then, Cookie and I have continued to grow in the Lord and strengthen our faith. I've been at Calvary Chapel Yelm since 1992.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. He is the only path to the Father. The Holy Spirit has become more significant in my life since 1988. I still stumble now and then, but prayer and the example of Jesus' life lead me back on the path.

Calvary Chapel of Yelm has consistently grown in importance for me. I have many close friends with whom I can share my experiences and thoughts. I know they love me with God's love and the bond we share is very special.

The ministries God has called me to include:   A) Leading a Home Group   B) Reviewing teaching materials for doctrinal error   C) Preaching   D) Supporting other Bible Studies and Home Groups   E) Assessing potential new groups and/or group leaders   F) Participating in discussions leading to decisions by the Pastor and   G) Praying for our congregation.

Chris Brownell

I was born in Seattle Washington, raised in Southern California and moved back to Yelm Washington in 1980. I am married to Teri and have 2 children and 3 granddaughters. I began my career as a meat-cutter and later started my own business an owner/operator of a trucking company.

I began attending Calvary Chapel of Yelm in August of 2007 and came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior in December of the same year. The sign said "verse by verse"... What a different concept from all my former experiences. My eyes were opened and with ears to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I moved from darkness to light and from death to life.

I have been serving as a deacon at CCY since 2011 and help maintain the ground and building projects as needed.

My relationship with Jesus means being a Follower of Christ and not just a fan; it means dying to self daily. Luke 9:23

Calvary Chapel Yelm: The body of Christ and its working parts move me greatly. In fellowship we share in Christ and the reality of His love fills my heart. I feel His presence whenever I'm in fellowship as I did when I first came through the doors of Calvary Chapel Yelm in 2007.

Bob Bergman

In 1978 my doctor told me I needed a pacemaker due to a low low as 18 beats per minute. At that time I was driving for a company that would not allow me to continue driving truck. My marriage was very rocky because of my jealousy, selfishness, and drinking. I had a hard time having to get the pacemaker as I was only 30 years old and felt as though I was losing my manhood; i.e. I couldn't get drunk and get into fights anymore. My doctor sent me to a psychiatrist but that only made things worse.

One day a friend called and we went dirt bike riding in the desert. After plenty of drinking and taking the drugs the psychiatrist gave to "help me", I just wanted to end it all... so I launched the dirt bike off a 35 foot cliff and into a bunch of jagged rocks. On my way down I yelled "God I don't want to die!" and with only one yucca tree within miles, God dropped me on that tree and fell slowly to the rocks. After getting fixed up with a cast on my ankle and a few stitches I went back to the psychiatrist to tell her she tried to kill me! On the table in the waiting room was a Bible; I picked it up, turned to my wife and said, "We need to go to church". A week later we ended up at Harvest Christian Fellowship and asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins and be the Lord of my life. Three months after I was saved the D.O.T. let me drive again. Praise God!

Without the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for all of us there would be no relationship with Him. I thank God the Father for his Son to be able to come to him 24/7 and pray for His will in my life, spend time with Him, and rest in the promise that He will never leave me.

Calvary Chapel Yelm is my church home. I love being with my brothers and sisters to pray for one another. I enjoy solid teaching; i.e. verse by verse and chapter by chapter through God's Word.

The ministries God has called me to include serving the pastor, the elders, and the church body. I also help maintain the church building, teach children's Sunday school, and help the elderly and others by taking them to appointments or wherever else they might need to go.

Steve Shannon

I was born in Seattle and grew up in the suburb of Des Moines, WA. When I was 14, I went to go spend some time with family in Northern California. My aunt, uncle and cousins I was visiting were Christians. I spent the week I was there learning about the Word and Jesus. Towards the end of the week, we attended at play about Matthew Ch. 4, where Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. After the play we were asked to pray to the Lord. That was when I prayed for Jesus to come into my life. When my week was over, my aunt gave me a Bible and told me to read a chapter a day when I get home. I did just that for 2 and 1/2 years. My parents were not Christian and we never went to church so I had no fellowship to help keep me focused on Jesus and I quickly fell back into sin.

I spent next 28 years of my life not following the Lord. I tried to go to church a couple of different times during those 28 years but I struggled trying to get back into the Word and let sin continue to rule my life. Towards the end of 2012 my wife told me she wanted to get back into going to church. She knew how I had struggled in the past with trying to go to church and didn't think I was going to support her decision. I told her that "I loved her" and would go to support her. The first Sunday we walked into Calvary Chapel Yelm I didn't even bring a Bible. I wasn't expecting much because of my past experience with going to church. When pastor Nick started teaching that day, I found myself looking at my wife's Bible and following along. That was the last time I didn't bring my Bible. Whatever little spark that was still inside me for the Lord that day caught fire and has been growing ever since. The chapter by chapter, verse by verse teaching here at CCY helps me to understand God's Word better and is what keeps me wanting to learn more and more from the Bible. In January of 2013, I truly and fully accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and turned completely away from my sins that ruled my life for so long. Now Jesus rules me.

My relationship with Jesus continues to grow each and every day. I am thankful for His Love, Grace and Mercy, none of which I deserve but He freely gives me every day. He is my strength when I have none.

Calvary Chapel Yelm has the best people in it. From the first day I attended, I felt welcomed. So many people that first day came up to my wife and myself to introduce themselves and welcome us. We are truly a family here and I am proud to call them my brothers and sisters.

I am currently serving as deacon over our Sunday school program and also a lead usher for our church, Calvary Chapel Yelm. I enjoy serving the Lord and our church.